Gold Ring with Precious Gemstones “Runes”

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  • The ring is decorated with fun, colorful and perfectly matched gemstones.
  • Handmade.
  • The ring is perfect for both woman and man. Ideal as a wedding ring, which can be decorated with different gemstones, marking important sections of life, occasions or events.
  • Yellow 18K gold (when ordering individually, the color of gold can be chosen – yellow, white and pink);
  • Runes will be chameleonically compatible with other jewelry, suitable for all occasions of life, with a wide range of wardrobe, mood and colors.
  • Preliminary weight of 17 measures – about 8 g.
  • The price of the ring varies upwards from size 21.
  • Precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds – a total of 14 gemstones.

A rich, luxurious, yet at the same time fun & stylish ring.

When ordered individually, the production and testing of the ring along the certification of the gemstones will take up to four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

Gold Ring with Precious Gemstones Runes :

Astounding with its joyful, colorful and bright character. The idea of its birth and creation is the infinite, endless circle of life, its every day, moment or adventure being so special. The gems are collected on the principle of contrast, arranged each so as to emphasize each other’s color and difference. Everyone has a separate ring particle, distinguished from all others.

Runes – a ring without the bad side!

Part of the YURGA DeLuxe and Signs collection.

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