Gold Rings With Initials

SKU: IU0206


  • Stylish, individual & laconic luxury.
  • Contrasting gold of two colors is combined – white and pink.
  • 14K gold;
  • Also combining two gold textures – polished gold and matte.
  • Handmade – each ring is made for a specific person and occasion. When ordering two – they match each other, the composition is coordinated with the customer.
  • Ring width – 5 mm;
  • Decorated with white diamonds.
  • The inside of the rings is a gently and comfortably convex “comfort zone”.
  • Artistic, meaningful, elegant.

These rings are made by individual order only. The process takes about four weeks. From the 20th size, the price of the ring changes.

Gold Rings with Initials :

Always created for a specific couple, incorporating letters in such a way that the composition is everyday, elegant, individual. Keeping the character of each letter, but also the discretion. Decorative, stylish, artistic.