“Gray Nightingale” Bracelet

SKU: 12511700


  • Subtlety and ‘visual serenity’ for the eye.
  • Polished stones of several sizes are combined.
  • Colored, natural jasper.
  • Perfect with our Gray Nightingale necklace or YURGA birds.
  • Sterling silver clasp.

Elegant and delicate color harmony and weave.

If we were to not have our Gray Nightingale bracelet in the YURGA online store today, it will take about four weeks to produce.

Gray Nightingale Bracelet:

as in nature – a gray, at first glance completely unobtrusive and inconspicuous bird sings in a way that overshadows the most beautiful symphonies. Without any seeming effort, because beauty itself finds its way into the heart.

The sizes and colors of the stones are perfectly matched, like the feathers of a bird in nature.

YURGA Necklace collection.