Individual Wedding Rings for a Couple


  • Designed for a specific Family.
  • White and rose 14K gold, and a diamond in a woman’s ring.
  • Visually, the rings, like Lego blocks, line up with each other.
  • Handmade.
  • Time-resistant, personal, modern and at the same time classic design.
  • The symbolism of the flowers is unreadable to the outside eye, the composition is central.

They are as different as the couple themselves, as is their love story.

Created in about four months.

Individual Wedding Rings for a Couple :

Creating a specific pair, of course. Unique and singular – finding a composition that would apply the same design denominator to both of them, but at the same time make them different. Visually, all the initials and symbols of the family turn into geometric, symmetrical shapes that will be neither read nor deciphered by foreign eyes.

YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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