Long Earrings “Apple Tree”

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  • Apple tree – ethnic, but at the same time classic and perfectly matching earrings in everyday life.
  • Sterling silver, pink, contrasting 15K gold, green peridot.
  • The earrings are handmade – we are proud of that, so each pair is a little different, the gold droplets are deliberately arranged a bit “messy” – all solid, no gilding.
  • Silver processing technique – special; the surface is subtly treated with fire.
  • Length – 35mm;
  • Diameter of the round part of the earring – 11mm;
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Handmade, elegance, classic and at the same time an artistic solution that creates lasting value.

If we were to not have the Apple Tree earrings in our online store today, they will take up to four weeks to produce. A more detailed description can be found below.

Long Silver Earrings Apple Tree:

ethnic and reminiscent of our old custom – to consider apple trees as special, fruitful and nourishing trees. Only their fruit was given more symbolic meaning than the tree itself, so these earrings are round in shape.

In the past, planting an apple tree near the house was as important to the Whites as planting an oak tree. One is a source of strength and strength, and the other is a source of fullness and fertility…

YURGA Nature collection.

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