Men’s Silver Bracelet “Fire”

SKU: 02510009


  • Silver bracelet made using a unique technique.  Created for men, but could be worn by both men and women.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Sterling silver.
  • Circumference– 21 cm. but adjusts easily to the wrist, so it is called a “sizeless” bracelet.


Silver bracelet Fire is a gift resistant to change of times and fashions.  It is created to subtly stand out.

Production and certification will take up to three weeks if we do not have bracelet Fire in our YURGA online shop.  See the detailed description below.

Men’s Silver Bracelet Fire :

Laconic, minimalist, and splendid, thanks to its main accent – unique texture favored by YURGA when the polished silver surface is treated with flame.  This technique is not easy to master, it has a lot of subtleties and is used only by experienced and excellent jewelers.  Bracelet Fire is a combination of design and mastery.

The other variation of bracelet Fire is old fashioned hand hammering, producing a rough yet subtle silver texture.  (Featured on the photo on the models’ hand).

Each end of the silver band features our symbolic bird.  They will always see each other!

This bracelet does not have a size, so it will adjust to any hand.  As it is made by hand, it is possible to embellish the bracelet with initials, select gold bird, and other custom features.

Unique YURGA jewelry and gifts for men.

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