Natural Quartz Necklace “Green Meadow Wizard”

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  • Fine, delicate, beautifully matched colored, green quartz.
  • In places, the meadow is decorated with contrasting, dark red quartz, which further accentuates the green overall background of the necklace.
  • Great embellishment for your wardrobe.
  • A necklace can replace a traditional chain for a pendant you like.
  • Sterling silver clasp.
  • On the back is a cheerful YURGA bird.
  • Elegantly universal Lawn length – 43 cm;

The most delicate, cozy and at the same time practical jewelry.

If we were to not have a Green Meadow necklace today in our YURGA online store, it will take up to three weeks to manufacture.

Natural Quartz Necklace Green Meadow Wizard :

The most delicate, carefully matched and assembled fine, green quartz necklace.

YURGA Necklaces collection.

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