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Necklace “Mist Fairy”

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  • Necklace Fog Fairy: stylish, elegant and versatile;
  • Small natural pearls and glass beads;
  • Sterling silver clasp;
  • Handmade.
  • Necklace length: 45 cm;

The necklace can be worn alone, or with a favorite pendant and replace the already usual chain.

If we were to not have the necklace Fog Fairy in our online store, its production would take up to three weeks.

Necklace Mist Fairy

a modest, soft-colored bead necklace that creates a cozy and romantic image. Bright, gray glass beads, subtly contrasting with small natural pearls. A necklace suitable for all occasions: a fresh summer morning and a luxurious autumn evening. Designed to be noticed.

YURGA Necklaces collection.

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