Pearl necklace with Lily clasp


  • A necklace of classic character and at the same time unique with a stylized accent – a Lily clasp.
  • The Lily was chosen for its meaning & symbolism.
  • Natural, gray selected pearls.
  • Polished 18K gold: the clasp along with the gold bubbles between pearls.
  • Handmade.

Classic, subtlety & luxury together, in one composition.

Pearl necklace with Lily clasp :

Created to individual order – carefully selecting pearls, combining gold with them. The clasp is the main accent of the necklace, which can be worn by hiding it on the back, or facing forward. The symmetrical, plant-like and at the same time decorative lily motif makes the clasp a meaningful and elegant piece of jewelry that allows you to be luxurious and noticeable.

White gold bubbles are subtly embedded between the pearls.

YURGA Unique Jewelry.