Pakabukas Kryželis mergaitei
Pakabukas Kryželis mergaitei

Pendant “Cross for a Girl”

SKU: 10220015


  • Maybe here just a flower ring for a little princess to accompany her even when she grows up and becomes like a magical flower herself?
  • Children’s jewelry has a beautiful and meaningful jewelry stand with an envelope. The stand is designed not only for long-term remembrance, exhibition, but also for the joy of the moment of giving.
  • Silver adorned with a solid rose gold bubble.
  • Can be hung on a silver, or even gold chain, or on a soft silk cord.
  • Dimensions: about 14 mm;

A wonderful gift for a child or an adult.

If we were to not have this pendant in our YURGA online store at the moment, its production will take up to four weeks.

Pendant Cross for a Girl :

if you’re a little girl (and a bit like a princess), this piece of jewelry is made just for you! Because it is designed to carelessly run around the meadow, fluttering in a silk skirt, then have fun eating colored ice cream with a friend on a bench in the park, and even with your feet on the seat at the festive table and tilting your head to the sky to come up with a wish that will come when time comes…

The cross is hidden in the flower ring, as is often the case – all good things are hidden, but they work miraculously if you believe in and keep the little princess laughing!

YURGA Kids jewelry collection.

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