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Pendant “Cross of Four Stars”

SKU: 05210021


  • Delicate, casual, fashion-resistant design. The essence of the four-star cross is to be stylish while retaining its classic character. To be a lifelong memory, a gift and a companion: suitable for a child, an adult girl and a picky woman.
  • Handmade!
  • Polished sterling silver.

YURGA’s design and handcrafting are mundanely extraordinary.

If we were to not have our Four Star Cross at the YURGA online store at the moment, it would take up to four weeks to produce. A more detailed description can be found below.

Pendant Cross of Four Stars :

modern, stylish classic. Preserving the cleanliness of the lines, minimalist design, when only the symbolism of the cross is important. Its sharp ends are gently finished – a composition finished with polished silver stars-bumps, ending with a dot in a direct sentence.

Part of the YURGA Cross collection.

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