Pendant “Found Star”

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  • Found Star – in the unity of subtlety and luxury, when simple everyday life and the widest human wings are combined – a dream. This is how it is found, understood, calmed down.
  • Drop-shaped clear aquamarine – agile and “alive”.
  • Red tourmaline cabochon.
  • Rose gold 18K;
  • The chain must be chosen separately – in the photo we suggested combining the rose gold pendant with the white gold chain.
  • 100% handmade.

Pendant Found Star – ideal for storing memories, awakening dreams, inspiring confidence.

If we were to not have this amazing piece of ours in the YURGA online store at the moment, it will take about a month to produce it and certify the gemstones. We must note that each time the pendant will be somewhat different, as every unit is made absolutely by hand. The characteristics of the stones and the weight of the jewelry can also vary slightly.

Pendant Found Star:

A true note of YURGA jewelry and design, where simplicity triumphs with luxury. When a piece of jewelry in silence speaks louder than it would say – about finding the meaning of life, about understanding, about attention, about evaluation. The small, cheerful, and seemingly simple bird lands on a lush blood-colored tourmaline: like a thick, colored, perfect round drop, symbolizing continuity, tradition, and permanence. The smooth cabochon is not chosen by chance, because its maximum contrast is faceted (polished), clear and active aquamarine. A hint of water, flow, agility and change. Two worlds, two opposites, but one complete composition.

Rose gold, also called nude (body color), was chosen. It subtly reveals, highlights and frames both gems.

You can read a more detailed description of tourmaline and aquamarine on our blog.

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