Gintarinis Pakabukas Medaus Diena
Baltijos Gintaro Sidabrinis pakabukas puiki dovana Pakabukas Medaus Diena

Baltic Amber Pendant “Honey Day”

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  • Honey day? It can last a lifetime if both birds take look after, water and care for their home – a large tree that has taken root in love.
  • Sterling silver;
  • Clear cognac amber.
  • Handmade.
  • Perfect with a silver chain or glass bead necklace.
  • Amber dimensions: 13 mm. x 11 mm.
    Entire: ~ 20 mm.

Symbolic, elegant and at the same time subtly meant for your everyday.

If we were to not have this amber pendant in the store at the moment, the production time after ordering can take up to four weeks. A more detailed and beautiful description can be found below.

Baltic Amber Pendant Honey Day

yes – not a month at all, but a day! Because honey needs to be tasted in small teaspoons, to taste sweet and healthy for a long life.

The etymology of the Lithuanian words “honey” and “tree” is amusingly similar – apparently, through a strong tree of life, a perfect being, as if a hard-working bee pours out its graces on us, like intoxicating mead or sweet honey? After all, in the past, bees only lived in forests!

P.S. Ancient Balts used to combine silver and amber pendants with blue glass beads.

Part of the YURGA Amber collection.

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