Pakabukas Lelija
Pakabukas Lelija

Pendant “Lilly”

SKU: 10210035


  • A fragile, yet self-preserving ring with the full force of spring… You are the crown of our small kingdom!
  • Can be hung on a chain, or black rubber cord.
  • Polished sterling silver.
  • Pendant dimensions (diameter) – 11mm.

A meaningful, cozy and everyday gift.

If we were to not have the Lilly pendant in the store at the moment, its production time can take up to three weeks.

Pendant Lily

the most wonderful flower, grown with a lot of love, protected from the cold wind and rain of life, surrounded by care and warmth, today it blossoms under the gentle caress of the sun and becomes nature’s crown! Delicate lily flowers decorate spring, like You are making our life more beautiful whilst growing up. Let this flower be blooming, protected and strong!

Part of YURGA’s collection Signs. Perfect for young people – on the occasion of memorable, most beautiful occasions.

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