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Pendant “Magical Drop”

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  • Pendant The magic drop is not because it is in the shape of a drop, but because the golden drops of dew are collected by our golden bird.
  • The emphasis is on handwork – a deliberately inaccurate, sensitive, somewhat asymmetrical composition.
  • Sterling silver & 14K gold.
  • You can hang it on a silver or gold chain, or fun necklaces of our colorful beads.
  • Dimensions:
    Length – 15 mm.
    Width – 10 mm.

Handmade, sensitive minimalism & subtle symbolism.

If we were to not have the Magical Drop pendant in the store at the moment, its production would take up to four weeks.

Pendant Magical Drop :

We are affected by the environment, people, events – we collect everything into our memory, take everything into our heart.  Let only clear, pure gold dew settle there, making us light as a bird.

Part of the YURGA Birds collection.

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