Pakabukas Mi Reina

Pendant “Mi Reina”

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  • Symbolic, delicate, suitable both for a royal fancy dress and for torn princess jeans.
  • Hanged on a silver or gold chain. Or maybe on a necklace of YURGA beads, ribbons woven with real silver threads (pictured).
  • Silver (925), solid gold (585).
  • Handmade.
  • Dimensions: length 40mm – width 20mm.

Meaningful, artistic, handmade work.

If we were to not have the pendant Mi Reina in our online store today, its production would take up to four weeks. It is an option to incorporate initials (then the composition should be agreed before ordering, as the price would change).

Pendant Mi Reina :

Dedicated to the One who is the queen of your heart. The Spanish expression “mi reina” – “my queen”. Perhaps the story that caught up with us from childhood tales, when we knew our world was small or big, it needs a wise, great queen! There she will fit as many dreams as they fit in the large gardens of freedom and childhood. To the extent that they accompany and crown the successes or experiences in our lives.

Part of the YURGA Birds collection.

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