Pakabukas Vienas gramas meilės

Pendant “One Gram of Love”

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  • Because the whole world is here …
  • The pendant can be donated with a silver chain, or a silk ribbon, or maybe a bead necklace?
  • Handmade, so everyone will be a little different.
  • Heart – solid fine 14K gold.
  • Pendant diameter ~ 18 mm.
  • Our children’s jewelry has a beautiful and meaningful jewelry stand with an envelope. The stand is designed not only for long-term remembrance, exhibition, but also for the extra joy during the moment of gifting.

A unique, delicate, beautiful and meaningful gift.

If we were to not have a Gram Of Love in our store at the moment, production would take up to four weeks.

Pendant One Gram of Love :

It is like all good things in life – you do not need a lot of it, but you always need it – such is a recipe of TRUE happiness! Although love cannot be weighed, we understand that it weighs more than we could ever measure with any tools – its power and meaning are so grand that “one gram”, one drop of love contains all the words, promises and smiles in the world…

Part of the YURGA Signs collection.

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