Pendant with Initial and Birdie


  • An original and accurate solution that integrates a beautiful story and an “R” initial.
  • Pink, delicate gold. 18K (750 fineness);
  • Diamonds (‘pave’ technique).
  • Handmade.
  • Pendant diameter – 22mm.
  • Artistic, stylish, resistant to fashion and style change.

Singular, unique, designed to store memories.

A more detailed description is below.

Pendant with Initial and Birdie :

Created by p. Coils, so the main compositional axis of this jewelry is the letter “R”. It is, of course, well hidden and will not be read to every eye, but it will be clear to those who will be shown it at once – it is the most important thing here.

The letter protects the dream star and becomes a wide sky for the bird. At the same time remaining subordinate to the closed and gentle shape of the circle, and protecting the cozy world of its own.

YURGA Individual, unique jewelry.