Personalized Wedding Rings


  • Created with family symbols and initials.
  • 14K gold & diamonds.
  • Two different gold surface textures are combined.
  • The diamonds are set up so that their inlay suits the character and style of the letters.
  • Handmade.
  • Laconic, decorative and at the same time gentle floral style, combined with the aesthetics that the family likes.
  • Ring – without a “bad side”: ornamental from the front and from the back.
  • The men’s ring and the woman’s ring are slightly different, but are combined by a “common denominator” – shape, gold color and a pleasing, unifying sign.
  • The rings are comfortable and practical, inside – a slightly convex “comfort zone”;

Distinctiveness and authenticity.

The creation and production of individual rings usually takes about a couple of months – the most difficult part is the discovery of the “key” to their design.

Personalized Wedding Rings :

Designed for a specific family, decorated with its signs and initials. Listening to the “character” of the family, understanding her beauty and aesthetics, her faith.

Each time the family rings are different, as is the love story itself. It is important that the composition of the ring, its visual “melody” and sign language correspond to the character of the family, reflect and connect two people, be a follower of one story.

YURGA Wedding Rings Collection.