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Ring “Plaits”


  • Ring Plaits : as tree branches, as their roots – the stronger the interweaves, the more strength they have.
  • Handmade, a uniform ring made is simply impossible.
  • Sterling silver or 14K gold braided ring.
  • Nature collection.
  • These rings do not have an exact size, so they fit perfectly on every finger and are very comfortable.
  • The width of the ring is about 3 – 5 mm.

Ring Braids – organic and a little chaotic

Rings Braids: As in nature, each ring is different. One looks subtle, several look elegant.

If we no longer had the rings in our store at this time, their production would take up to three weeks.

Rose Gold 14K
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
White & Rose Gold 14K
White Gold 14K
Yellow Gold 14K

Ring Plaits

The biggest source of inspiration and discovery for every creator is nature with its organic, chaotic and live forms. To see and notice them is just the beginning, but to translate them into a silver version, just as natural and elegant, turns into a subtle challenge. Every branch, every flower and every form are different, seeking to preserve simplicity – like a little girl’s attempt to plant her first childhood flowers.

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