Ring with Emerald Letter “i”


  • A unique piece of jewelry.
  • This ring has individually cut and matched gemstones.
  • Emeralds.
  • Yellow, contrasting gold.
  • Handmade.

Subtly artistic, geometrically natural and reflective ring.

 It’s custom made. Each ring will slightly differ, because each one is handmade, absolutely unique. However, the composition, character and stylistics of the ring are maintained. Also you could order another letter, of course.
A more poetic description – below.

Ring with Emerald Letter “i” :

Created after a long “search for design” – a symmetrical, yet hand-crafted composition was chosen. The accent – the customer’s initial – is so visible and emphasized that it becomes… unnoticeable. Classics and artistry meet in one ring, intertwined in one timeless composition.

In the center – a stylized allusion to the protective eye.

YURGA Individual Orders collection.

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