Rose Quartz Necklace “Rose Wizard”

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  • Natural, “milky” rose quartz necklace.
  • Made of small, polished, delicate beads.
  • The glowing, pink Swarovski crystals sprinkled in places are subtle.
  • Silver clasp.
  • On the back is a cheerful YURGA bird.
  • It will be an accent of clothing, or will replace traditional chains for your favorite pendants.
  • Elegant, delicately versatile skewer length – 43cm;
  • Sensitively and gently matched small, milky rose quartz beads with translucent and bright “Swarovski” crystals. You can see the details of the necklace in the photo (below).

Delicate, soft colored Wizard – a stylish adornment for your outfit.

If we were to not have a Wizard in our e-shop today, it won’t take more than three weeks to make.

Rose Quartz Necklace Rose Wizard :

One of your most versatile, favorite choices.

YURGA Necklaces collection.

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