Pakabukas Žibuoklė
Pakabukas Žibuoklė
Pakabukas Žibuoklė

Silver Pendant “Violet”


  • A small, delicate and very meaningful silver pendant.
  • One will look great, or it can become part of our plant collection (photos of plants below) – then you should choose a longer chain Herbarium (photo with a model).
  • Dimensions of the lantern: 15mm x 10mm;
  • When choosing Herbarium, you need to choose a lantern with a carbine.
  • The jewelry has a great description and packaging.

Cozy, casual, delicate jewelry.

If we were to not have the Violet in our online store at the moment, the production time would take up to three weeks.


Silver Pendant Violet 

If you are delicate as a flower, but have strong will and character, did you know you are like… a violet?
We don’t give it any thought, but back in the old days, people were telling tales about this flower that can grow on stone. It’s the first one to sprout amidst snow, ice and frost, bringing spring with its delicate yet powerful desire for life. Isn’t it remarkable?
Our silver ode to this flower.

Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection.

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