Two Rings With Initials



  • Two initials, two stylized letters: G and M;
  • They are worn together until the moment the mother presents a ring to each daughter.
  • White and rose 14K gold and diamonds.
  • Handmade.
  • Designer – Jurga Lago.
  • Made only to accordingto individual order.

Minimalist, elegant, meaningful design.

To order your letter or two, write to us and we will match the design. The price of one ring is 800 Eur; The price of two rings is indicated here – 1600 Eur

Two Rings With Initials :

The first letters with letters were created for mom. With the initials of two daughters – stylized the letters M and G. They are legible, noticeable and perfectly visible. The idea is that the mother will wear the two-part ring on her finger until the family has a beautiful and appropriate occasion – then the rings will be given to the daughters as great symbols, as a long-kept gift from the mother.

YURGA individual orders.

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