Two Unique Wedding Rings

Two Unique Wedding Rings


  • Authentic design always reflects, distinguishes the one and only Pair!
  • The rings are handmade.
  • Individual, unique design and composition.
  • Yellow 14K solid gold (the best and most resistant for wedding rings);
  • Inside – a “comfort zone”, a convenient, practical convexity.

Subtle, elegant & meaningful design. Extraordinarily simple, casually impressive & artistic.

One-of-a-kind, custom-made Wedding Rings. A more detailed description can be found below.

Two Unique Wedding Rings :

Two Unique Wedding Rings, designed for a couple that is truly special – the rings were a surprise that the newlyweds only saw at that important moment – when they were being blessed at the altar. Complete trust in the designer, absolute success in design and execution. Such inspiring creative stories are the most beautiful!

The rings are handmade. Their compositional axis – our designer Jurga Lago’s favorite initials of the customers – when composing ornaments from them, which determines the most elegant, delicate shape of the flowers. Always different. Always exceptional. Always telling the specific story of the couple.

YURGA Unique Wedding Rings.

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