Unique, Handmade Earrings “Clouds”

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  • Handmade. Every time a pair of the Clouds earrings will differ, maintaining the proportions, the composition, but at the same time will be somewhat different – that’s all their charm!
  • Combines different contrasting silver textures: matte, polished, burnt, oxidized. Different playful line thicknesses, irregular “bubble” shapes.
  • Rose gold bubbles – all solid gold (no gilding).
  • Aquamarines & diamonds.
  • The earrings are impressive, ornate and artistic, so they are perfect for any outfit – both for a pair of jeans and for an evening dress.
  • Authentic, cozy and fun design by Jurga Lago.
  • Preliminary diameter of the earrings – 25 mm;

Artistic, unique, special – the kind of jewelry that must be resistant to time, fashion and boredom.

If we were to not have the Cloud earrings in our online store today, it would take about four weeks to create them. A more detailed description is given below.

Unique, Handmade Earrings Clouds :

Clouds are the shadows of the earth because they come from its waters. Clouds are the earth’s energy savers: they are drunk with rain, covered with snow, covered with scorching sun, and sometimes angry with thunder and lightning. Clouds are said to bind earth and heaven as body and soul, form and irrationality, matter and dreams. Childhood tales still live in the clouds: dragons, angels and animals … Merry gardens, magical flowers and castles …

YURGA Heaven collection.

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