Unique ring with the letter “i”


  • A unique ring with the letter “i” where the rough and archaic texture goes hand in hand with the stylized letter of the customer’s name.
  • Handmade.
  • Individual, unit order.
  • Combines two different colors of gold: white and pink and diamond.
  • Time-resistant, well-thought-out, subtly crafted jewelry.

A cozy ring for everyday, yet at the same time personal, meaningful & stylish.

A more detailed description of the work can be found below.

Unique ring with the letter “i” :

designed for a specific personality. Depending on the specific occasion, profession, personal circumstances and details of a particular person’s gift. In creating the ring, a hand-imprisoned, emphatically “rough”, archaic gold surface texture was chosen. Stylistically and ideologically, the contrasting horizontal of polished rose gold “sounded” perfectly – visually, as if tightening the ring with itself, as if dividing it in two and at the same time invisible, but obviously in the letter “i” of the customer ‘s name. The foreign eye will not “decipher” these details, will not notice, will not read.

YURGA Individual Orders.