Wedding Rings for Rūta & Francisco


  • Graphic, like a drawing and full of meaning and symbolism.
  • Created by hand.
  • 14K solid gold.
  • Two textures are combined – the matte, rough and contrasting background of the flowers and their polished ornaments.
  • There is no “bad side” – the rings are ornamental on all sides.
  • The inside is a convex “comfort zone”.

When rings “follow a story”: they are created for a specific, authentic and unique couple. Artistic and timeless.

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Wedding Rings for Rūta & Francisco :

“Hello Jurga, I find the rings very beautiful. Their symbolism and meaning are important”, – Rūta.

These rings are a big responsibility, because it is difficult to create for colleagues who are also artists.
The process took three months – twice the design was changed until the rings came out as graphic as drawn. Without the bad side, because there is also a drawing on the back – like an illustration of a fairy tale.
A stylized rue branch is “programmed” in the rings, which here is endless, never-ending, like love. A meaningful, vibrant and symbolic plant. The birds, being different, complement each other like ‘yin and yang’, heaven and earth, woman and man.
Husband and wife.
YURGA individual wedding rings.

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