Vestuviniai žiedai Žalčiukai

Wedding Rings “Grass Snakes”


  • “Wise Rings,” delicate and elegant – make it an ancient technique – with a special hammer capturing the surface of gold and extracting this geometric part, but at the same time in a natural texture reminiscent of the leather of the ancient Balts worshiped.
  • 14K gold can be changed to yellow, pink or white.
  • Available ring widths: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm.
  • Weights: 5 mm. ~ 6.59 g; 4 mm. ~ 4.20 g; 3 mm. ~ 2.11 g.

The production time for these rings would take up to four weeks.


Wedding Rings Grass Snakes

Their surface is patterned like grass snake skin, reminding us of ancient Baltic tribal symbolism, where a grass snake meant wisdom and long life, bringing peace and tranquility into the home and protecting its dwellers.

Old Lithuanian mythology portrays a grass snake as a deity of hearth, well-being, health and fertility. A grass snake was considered a good spirit, a protector and a healer. It was believed not only to be wise but also immortal because grass snakes shed their skin. It earned people’s respect because of its glittering appearance and friendly round eyes (other snakes have menacing vertical slit pupils). Grass snakes are very wise – they were taking care of people and their homes – and because of that people kept them in their homes as pets, they were feeding them hoping that grass snakes will bring health and peace to their home.

We also silently call these rings the “wise”.


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