Wedding Rings “Home” with Hidden Initials


  • The ideal combination where meaning meets great design.
  • White and rose gold.
  • Two textures are combined – polished and matte.
  • For wedding rings, the best quality 14K gold;
  • The inside is slightly convex with a comfortable “comfort zone”.

Minimalistic, playful and artistic composition. There is a lot of symbolism and meaning that is important to the family. One of YURGA’s finest creations.

Rings created for a specific Family as an individual order. A more detailed description of the composition can be found below.

Wedding Rings Home with Hidden Initials :

One of the most successful YURGA projects! Excellent composition and ideal “sounding” symbolism. Rings created for a couple of architects – this is comfortably reflected by two archetypal houses reminiscent of a child’s drawing.

Although the true essence of the rings is subtly hidden, because the houses are ‘built’ from a pair of initials – M+E+T; (We have the permission of the owners to publish the letters and exchange the “cipher” of the rings!)

When design triumphs without overshadowing symbolism, meaning and performance technique. When beauty REALLY lives in simplicity.

YURGA Individual Wedding Rings.