Wedding Rings “Tenderness”


  • Stylish and concise. Impressive in their simplicity, shape and texture, solid and massive wedding rings.
  • Handmade
  • 14K gold.
  • Dimensions: the width of the rings in the photo is sleek 4 and 5 mm; When ordered individually, the width of the rings can be chosen, as well as decorated with diamonds.
  • YURGA Wedding Rings collection.

Wedding rings Tenderness are special in that they can only be made by hand and this is especially emphasized.

Therefore, each pair of rings will be somewhat different, it will take us up to four weeks to make and certify it. A more detailed description can be found below.


Wedding Rings Tenderness :

Named so because of its velvet surface. To make the path of living together easy and gentle, and impressions and memories over the years united by one common denominator – a soft smile.

We recommend choosing harder 14K gold. Its color can be chosen – yellow, pink, white or greenish (in the photo). Rings can be decorated with diamonds, feminine – different from masculine. The width of the rings can also be selected.

The surface is hand-processed – deliberately emphasizing the unevenness of the texture, so they will perfectly adapt to everyday life, will gradually lose their matte surface, but will retain their shape and look ornate, natural and touch or embellishment will decorate them. The most important accent is form and proportions.

Dimensions: the width of the rings in the photo is sleek 4 & 5 mm.

Part of the YURGA Wedding Rings collection.

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