Vestuviniai žiedai Dviese
Vestuviniai žiedai Dviese

Wedding Rings “Two of Us”


  • Wedding rings Two of Us – suitable for all occasions, all wardrobes and all times.
  • These rings can only be created by hand – as always – an object that usually looks quite difficult to make.
  • A combination of white and rose 14K gold in the photo, or a combination of materials you like (when ordering).
  • Ring width – 5 mm.
  • Weights (21 and 16.5 gauges) approximately: ~ 7.05 g. and ~ 4.09 g.

Stylish & concise.

By combining the designs, materials and sizes of the Two of Us rings, their production would take up to three weeks. A more detailed description can be found below. If you have any questions, please write us a message.


Wedding Rings Two of Us –

Reflecting a meeting, a union, two paths, two differences, two lives, and one destiny.

When beauty lives in simplicity, when luxury is everyday, when comfort is accompanied by elegance. Rings Two of Us will go well with various other jewelry, with different stylistic clothes, will be resistant to fashion changes.

Here, two solid different gold rings meet and are soldered – no gilding! Such technique and performance is possible only by creating rings by hand. For this reason, you can also choose the desired gold combination – a more contrasting version of rose gold with white, or a softer version – yellow gold with white.

Rings can also be decorated with diamonds or other pleasant gemstones – there is a variation in the photo, where a man’s ring is decorated with four diamonds (symbolizing the letters of a woman’s name, and a woman’s ring – seven, symbolizing a man’s name). It is a great tradition to decorate the ring with a diamond for beautiful anniversaries and occasions.

Wedding rings Two of Us are part of the YURGA Wedding Rings collection.

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