Gintaro vėrinys Blueberries
Gintaro vėrinys Blueberries
Gintaro vėrinys Blueberries

Amber Necklace “Blueberries”

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  • Amber necklace Blueberries with Baltic amber – sweet to even see!
  • It was born not just for “beauty”, because these materials – Baltic amber and blue glass – have been a combination, used and loved in our Lithuanian jewelry since ancient times.
  • A subtle, different version of YURGA amber.
  • Sterling silver;
  • Heated natural Baltic amber (intensifying color), blue glass.
  • The length of the skewer is 46 cm.

Symbolic combination and subtle design.

If we were to not have the necklace Blueberries in our online store today, it would take up to three weeks to craft.

Amber Necklace Blueberries :

it’s not only nature that grows perfect berries, flowers and trees, but also a sensitive person, one who has touched nature, can also create them. From the ancient times Baltic tribes treasured amber and recognized its healing magical powers. They exchanged it for blue glass brought by the Vikings and adorned their women with a wonderful combination – a most contrasting color palette that co-exists wonderfully in nature and its design.

YURGA Amber collection.

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