Brooch “Starry Bird”


  • A cozy bearer of peace, flying through the dark night, so that when the morning dawns, all the flowers would have grown.
  • The surface of each brooch is hand-fired, making each brooch somewhat different.
  • Blackened (oxidized) sterling silver, decorated with rose 14K gold – all gold details are solid, golden, no gilding.
  • One brooch looks great, great with a Brooch Baby Bird.
  • Brooch length: ~ about 55 mm;
  • You can choose a silver brooch, or gold, decorated with gold (choice below).

Cozy, artistic and original jewelry.

If we were to not have the Starry Bird in our YURGA online store at the moment, the production time will take up to five weeks. A more detailed and poetic description can be found below.

Brooch “Starry Bird”
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