Brooch with Gemstones “Sun Drop”

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  • Classic and delicate modern together.
  • Handmade.
  • Oval, clear aquamarine.
  • Three pink tourmalines.
  • Yellow, imperial topaz.
  • White polished 18K gold, combined with the same rose gold birds.
  • The brooch is cozy and small, so it is not only meaningful and luxurious, but also very practical.
  • Approximate brooch dimensions:
    Width – 22 mm.
    Height – 34 mm.
  • Fun, stylish and at the same time classic. Luxurious, artistic but full of beautiful meaning.

If we do not have Sun Drop in our online store today, the production of the brooch will take about a month – it is necessary to note that each brooch is handmade, so it is unique, somewhat different and original.

Brooch with Gemstones Sun Drop:

Extremely modern and up-to-date jewelry design, but at the same time it is subtly traditional and classic. A play with symmetry, color and meaning.

The bright imperial topaz (a rare and luxurious stone) contrasts with the calm, transparent aquamarine. It falls down with a sunny, cheerful drop that moves gently and is the main highlight of the brooch. Aquamarine – like a sea: stable, classic oval shape, emphatically horizontal. The stones were cut specifically for this brooch in Brazil.

Three round, “ripe” tourmaline berries at the top – a symbolic number (trinity), a kind of crown of the brooch. And the main characters in this fairy tale are a couple of birds. Happy world here! Like in a real, colorful fairy tale. Such is the aspiration: to be sweet as a cake – together. And it doesn’t matter that everything happens in life, but the dream is sweet!

Thus, the brooch Sun Drop is about friendship, loyalty, togetherness. About security and (necessarily) stability. Hence the symmetrical composition, a hint of absolute classics, a pinch of “acid” optimism, humor and easy childhood (our designer Jurga Lago smiles and calls it “non-bitterness“). Because where sweet, gorgeous and luxurious is common – jeans – i.e. everyday life, will always fit you.

If you would like to know more about brooch gemstones – pink tourmalines, imperial yellow topaz and aquamarine – turn to the YURGA blog.

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