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Earrings “Phoenixes”


  • Handmade, spectacular and combined with classic jewelry.
  • A delicate combination of silver and gold, where polished glossy surfaces contrast with burnt and coarse silver. A symmetrical, monumental composition that is further accentuated by a small, eye-catching and moving detail.
  • YURGA loves a special silver processing technique – when the silver surface is extracted by burning with fire. Each pair of piercings will be somewhat different. The birds are also cut only by hand – each individually – without any stamping or casting.
  • This story of ours is not only about nature – about mythology and faith: the power to rise, to rise, to create oneself.
  • Earring dimensions: S (smaller) – 25mm in diameter; L (larger) – 35mm in diameter. Click on “Size” box and select the letter “S” or “L” to see the prices of the earrings.
  • The indicated price is of a pair of earrings.

An amalgam of handmade, special performance techniques, amazing history and composition!

If we were to not have the Phoenixes in our online store today, it would take up to four weeks to produce and certify their pair. A more detailed description can be found below.


Earrings Phoenixes:

in Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, a sacred and mythical bird. Even though one of the Southern sky constellations is named after the phoenix, Egyptians believed these magical birds with golden plumage, living 500 to 1500 years, were the embodiment of the Sun God Ra himself!

It was believed that a phoenix was capable of recreating itself. When the time came, it would build a splendid nest from cinnamon flowers and branches, creating a home where it would burn in the midst of fire and fragrance and turn to ashes only to rise again, renewed!

The phoenix will rise into a new life unscathed, glowing fiery red, its memory clear and pure, cleansed by the fire.

Greeks called this fire nest dweller “Phoinix” (dark red).

Phoenix by YURGA is our lovely, homey and reborn bird made of rose gold!

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