Emerald Ring “Green Window”

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  • The green window of life, growth and fullness!
  • Handmade.
  • 18K gold.
  • Special shaped emerald.
  • The ring is unique, different each time and create two identical – impossible.
  • The interior is comfortably convex – a comfortable “comfort zone”.
  • The ornamentation of the ring is deliberately rough, reminiscent of a child’s drawing, subtly asymmetrical, emphasizing handwork and authenticity.
  • When ordering individually, the size of the stone may change – let’s agree on the price. The price of the ring varies depending on its size (starting from size 19).

Playful, cozy luxury.

The production of the Green Window ring takes up to five weeks.

Emerald Ring Green Window :

To make the summer-green garden visible through the common window of our lives! The rich color of the emerald is a symbol of fullness, growth, greenery and life. A special shape of the gemstone, reminiscent of a window, was chosen for this purpose.

Part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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