Family Amulet "Felicidad"

Family Amulet “Felicidad”

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  • Pendant, meant for a mother and child. Two parts, once separated, create two beautiful tales from one story.
  • Unique, hand made piece of jewelry.
  • Created according to individual orders for a concrete family.
  • Oxidized, hammered silver, polished rose gold (14K) and gemstones.

Each Heart is unique – each different.

Thus – we can boldly say – one of a kind !
Can be hanged on a chain, as well as an organza strip or ribbon. Or gal maybe a hand-sewn silken ribbon, with your name’s initials?

If we were to not have the Felicidad amulet in our store at the moment, the production time for this pendant can take up to five weeks. Further description can be found below. 

Family Amulet Felicidad :

Family Amulet “Felicidad” – YURGA are also named as the “heart masters” not in vain – this symbol and sign accompanies the designer’s Jurga Lago creations from the very start and subtly adjusts to the clients, the change of times and differing materials.

Absolutely beautiful story of this piece: the little heart lives at home – in the greater heart, protected by two gold birds, until That Beautiful Day comes, when the father or mother will take out the little heart and present it to his now grown child. For a high, heady, independent flight! It’s said that it’s as important to let your kids go, as it is to raise them. 🙂

In the pictures – only a few of the YURGA created heart variations are visible. Handcrafting is emphasized, with a peculiar roughness, which is this heart’s greatest beauty, contrasting with the polished surfaces and precious materials. Upon ordering a YURGA heart, each will be different, each with its own story, with its own unique composition. In each of the greater heart’s centers will be a removable little heart, thus the bigger one will stay with the mother, embellished with your choice of gemstones and symbolism. When ordering a heart, we will arrange its design, materials and price. It’s enough to send us an email or a message in the ‘live chat’ situated below.

This piece of jewelry can be combined with a handmade chain, or maybe you’d like a > YURGA organza ribbon or silk strip? According to individual orders for the Family Amulet we can also create a hand-embroidered natural silk ribbon.

A piece of jewelry, resistant to time and fashion.

Unique, singular, handmade YURGA creation.

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