Family Amulet with Initials


  • Double sided pendant.
  • Composed of family letters and initials.
  • Rose gold 18K (750 fineness);
  • Rubies and diamonds.
  • Handmade.
  • Can be hung on an organza ribbon, or a gold chain.

Artistic, original, yet at the same time cozy & meaningful jewelry.

A more detailed description can be found below. Custom made!

Family Amulet with Initials:

Family Amulet with Initials: designed for a specific family and “constructed” from the family’s initials – it accommodates the grandparents, children and grandchildren. The pendant is double-sided: both sides are meaningful, decorated with precious stones.

The chosen traditional heart shape, symbolizing a triangle, is full of significance.

Every detail, line, and their thickness is important. The geometry of this piece of jewelry contrasts with the softness of the heart shape. An architectural, minimalist, modern and time-resistant solution.

YURGA Unique jewelry.

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