Family Amulet


  • A unique piece of jewelry, the axis of the composition of which is the initials of the family.
  • Handmade.
  • Different gold textures and colors are combined.
  • Decorated with a zodiac stone.

Unique, laconic, graphic and at the same time meaningful.

Family Amulet :

Designed for a family with three children, the central rose gold “R” is for the girl who owns the amulet, and the two sides are for her sister and brother. On the other side of the amulet is a composition of the parents’ letters.

The amulet is absolutely individual, decorated with a child-friendly stone – lazurite.

Meant for everyday, visually light, modern. Also – resistant to changes in fashion and time, “constructed” from the drawing of graphic lines, where every millimeter is important – not only the letters themselves, but also the spaces between them. Every sign makes sense and at the same time there is no unnecessary detail.

An amulet is only suitable for the person for whom it is designed. Like a kind of key, code and sign. No exaggerated splendor, no eclecticism or pretentious “beauty.”

The amulet has no “bad” side, its purpose is to protect and decorate.

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