Gold Ring With Diamond "Threads"

Gold Ring With Diamond “Threads”


  • A unique, special design.
  • Handmade.
  • Stylish, elegant, distinguished yet meant for everyday.
  • 18K gold, diamond 0.24 ct;
  • Each ring will differ, be unique, inimitable.
  • One of the most authentic and emblematic design solutions by Jurga Lago.

A unique, impressive design and execution.

This ring – only made as a personalized order, differing each time, individualized, singular. A further description can be found below.



Ring With Diamond Threads:

Gold Ring With Diamond “Threads” : a very special ring. Because everything, which upon first glance seems “very simple”, is often the most complex. This way, actually “chaotically, irregularly” and also organically and lightly braiding gold without “torturing” it, without creating the geometrical ornament usual for jewelry, without breaking the lines, or making it a boring technical openwork – it isn’t easy. Because crafting a gold ring, the hands extend themselves to make it pleasant to the eye, traditional and “classic”.
In this case working “neatly” would be much easier. However sensitivity, carefulness and the designer’s eye are needed for that, since that creates not only a price, but also value. Here’s where the craft meets art. And more – only so will you create a new classic.
One of the most beautiful of the Threads design variations – each of this line’s rings are unique – handmade. The beginning was the minimalist > Crown Ring finishing with the most complex sophisticated royal “bouquets”…
Gold Ring With Diamond “Threads” – sophisticated, yet simple proposition. An especially distinctive design also fitting your everyday. The ring – an investment, holding its worth, having “character” and created to be impervious to time.
The same ring cannot be crafted, however a similar style and “character” – yes. This game is different every time, unique, special and this is why you can select the gold’s color along with the gemstone, its size and type.




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