Pendant “Emerald Grain”

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  • Graphic and openwork, like a drawing.
  • Crafted from 18K gold.
  • The main accent is a green emerald.
  • Approximate weight of the bird: 1.2g;
  • Since the pendant is made by hand, each time the bird will be slightly different and that’s its beauty!
  • The pendant can be combined with our gold chain (indicated along the suitable products), or you can choose your own. A white gold chain also looks playful, as well as a cozy velvet ribbon, or maybe YURGA’s multi-colored “Fairy” necklaces of small beads?

The most subtle solution is meaningful and also full of meaning. Everyday luxury!

If we didn’t have this birdie in our online store today, it would take up to four weeks to craft, but you will have the most special companion for everyday life and holidays, which is designed to bring happiness!

Pendant Emerald Grain:

Playful, cozy and at the same time stylish jewelry. In addition, with a beautiful meaning – the cute YURGA bird carrying the grain of its success, efforts and fate!

YURGA’s most iconic Birds Collection.

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