Pakabukas Mona S
Pakabukas Mona
Pakabukas Mona S

Pendant “Mona”


  • A wonderful “alloy” in jewelry – a classic with a dash of humor.
  • Helps the jewelry to be noticeable and at the same time discreet.
  • Flamed sterling silver surface and a blue topaz.
  • Handmade.
  • You can choose a larger or smaller Mona.
  • Match the pendant to a silver chain, or even to fun, colored beads, ribbons, or cords (see our collection of chains).
  • Dimensions:
    Smaller Mona – 17 mm. x 12 mm.
    Larger Mona – 25 mm. x 17 mm.

Charming, fun and at the same time classic YURGA jewelry.

If we were to not have the Mona pendant in our online store today, it will take up to four weeks to make because it will be 100% handmade. A more detailed description can be found below.


Pendant Mona

all things made from materials and forms tested by time have a privilege of being called classic. This pendant is subtly reminiscent of traditional antique cameos which preserved images of the loved ones, feelings and memories… Just like many other YURGA creations, Mona avoids unnecessary and empty importance, it avoids claims of being a decoration for the important occasions and celebrations, and, perhaps, avoids the dull destiny of other pieces – to be forgotten in the drawer. It has a drop of subtle essence of joy of life – humor – where a symmetrical classic oval shape is combined with the style of a naïve, childish drawing and the happy subject of smiling, dreaming and living easier!

Part of YURGA’s iconic Birds collection.

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