Ring with Family Insignia


  • Unique, singular, authentic jewelry.
  • The ring is decorated with initials, which is the main axis of its composition.
  • Custom built.
  • Decorated with a delicate diamond.
  • Handmade.
  • Designer – Jurga Lago.

Unique, special, luxurious and at the same time cozy, symbolic and meaningful jewelry.

Ring with Family Insignia :

Designed for a charming personality with family symbols and letters. The symmetrical, elegant, delicate composition allows you to see them and at the same time is similar to an intricate Art Nouveau ornament, reminiscent of a crown – a wreath of love. The serenity and solidity of the ring is alleviated by the introduction of two likeable, cozy birds. In this way, the jewelry becomes a playful, youthful, exclusive author’s work by Jurga Lago.

YURGA individual works.