Fly Auskarai ir Pakabukas Vyturėlis, Yurga

Silver Earrings “Fly!”


  • A sible earring’s price is indicated and they are sold one by one – a single unit, two different ones, or an exact pair can be purchased.
  • Choose your fit – a subtle collection of YURGA’s classic hanging, rounded earrings.
  • Created from polished sterling silver;
  • Handmade;
  • The earrings’ diameter can be selected:
    Fly S – 10 mm;
    Fly M – 15 mm;
    Fly L – 20 mm;
    Fly XL – 25 mm;
  • Price shown and sold as singular units  – can be acquired alone, a pair (or two different ones).
  • They can be worn alone, but these earrings are perfectly suited with YURGA‘s pendant Skylark the birdie hooks on the round earring and becomes a completely new, different piece of jewelry.

Because beauty hides in simplicity!

If the earrings Fly were currently unavailable in our online store, their production time would take up to four weeks.





Silver Earrings Fly!

A wonderful, playful simplicity – laconic, minimalist, the world’s most subtle little silver rings.

By decorating them with our birdie, this winged fellow happily glides along – a reference to YURGA creativity and its designer’s Jurga Lago‘s life motto: “freedom and joy of life!”

Part of YURGA’s most important Birds collection.





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