Sidabro Pakabukas Mėta
Sidabro Pakabukas Mėta

Silver Pendant “Mint”


  • A silver pendant of a Mint leaf – a beautiful silver accessory that looks dressy and stylish on its own, or becomes the most impressive accent of the Herbarium collection.
  • Silver (925)
  • It can be worn with a silver chain that you have or with our lacy Herbarium chain.

Production will take up to three weeks if the pendant is not available in the store.

Classic Bail

Silver pendant Mint :

In nature, mint is a plant of healing, beauty, and especially fragrance!  It is said that real mint not only treats cramps, but also soothes, and helps from insomnia and headache.  It is said that mint comes from Europe – ancient Romans drank mint tea and believed it would clear their thoughts and existence, so they wore not only laurel but sometimes dark green mint crowns on their heads.  That‘s why Mint from YURGA is a great gift wishing tranquil and elegant life!

Botanists in turn call this a botanical miracle possessing the best imaginable qualities!  Today over 3,000 mint varieties and names are known, today this plant is still considered one of the most important fragrances in the world.  We chose Lithuanian peppermint (a hybrid of watermint and spearmint).

This is a wonderful silver version of it.

Mint can be combined with other YURGA plants, herbs, and berries in the Herbarium collection, which would allow creating a special piece of jewelry – your own necklace of memories, beautiful events, and meaningful occasions, where each plant or berry are being acquired and added to commemorate a special event.  Silver Mint will look elegant on its own, worn with a short or a long chain, or it will be a stylish match to other YURGA plants.

Part of our YURGA Herbarium collection.

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