Silver Ring “Nest”

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  • Impressive, exclusive, conceptual.
  • Created by hand.
  • Polished sterling silver.
  • The ring is wide, approximately 14 mm. wide.
  • Weight (also approx., Depends on ring size) ~ 8.5 g.
  • The pictured ring is of size 17.5.

Elegant, impressive & artistic jewelry.

If we did not have our ring in the YURGA e-shop today, it will take about three weeks to produce. Each ring will be somewhat different, retaining its basic composition, style and design.

Silver Ring Nest :

Created by hand, first of all by removing it from the wax, trying to get the most natural and at the same time decorative shape possible. The idea of the ring – home safety and coziness.

YURGA Nature collection.

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