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Silver “Trefoil Cross”

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  • Subtle, modern, and minimalist design preserving the clear and meaningful form of the cross.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Sterling silver;
  • Goes well with a chain, colored bead or pearl necklace, ribbons, etc.
  • 17 mm. x 14 mm.


Production will take up to three weeks if we were to not have the Trefoil Cross in our YURGA online store.  See below for a more detailed description.   

Silver Trefoil Cross

For some, the cross is a fashionable, delicate accessory that is constantly adapting to the times, for others – the most meaningful Christian symbol. The Church has always recognized the diversity of the forms of the cross. The study of the monk Theodore reads, “The cross of every form is real and has extraordinary beauty and life-giving power.”

The cross, in its mere form, accommodates “the whole world.” Triple – means trinity.

The cross is two intersecting lines, “forces of different directions; our relationship could be called the state of endless struggle. This state is good, positive if equilibrium is maintained, and then it becomes a state of permanent victory. the collision takes place in the human soul and consciousness – “inside”. – this quote from A. Žiupsnytė’s article about signs.

Modern, laconic and classic version of the cross – YURGA Trefoil.

Part of the YURGA Signs (Crosses) collection.

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