Wedding Rings "Wreaths", handmade, YURGA

Wedding Rings “Wreaths”


  • Wedding rings Wreaths – strapping, protecting and cultivating love, as the roots of trees, as their branches, as eternally vital, strong vines.
  • Rose and white 14K gold. Gold colors are available.
  • Dimensions: ring width 4 mm.
  • Weights: ~ 4.17 g. and ~ 4.05 g.
  • The rings are handmade, so each ring is different, but just as natural and “alive”, preserving the plant’s “true”, organic character.

After ordering, the production time of these rings would take up to three weeks.

Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
White & Rose Gold 14K

Wedding Rings Wreaths

Tightening with the strongest ties, inextricably intertwining and holding all the threads of coexistence together … , without beginning, without end, like a ring – in eternal growth and change!

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