Silver Pendant “Oak Leaf”

  • It is a symbol of strength, endurance, permanence, and the oak itself is the ruler of all trees. The winners are awarded with wreaths woven from its leaves, therefore the green wreaths of oak leaves are not only a sign of victory, but also a sign of dignity, honor and recognition.
  • Small but solid and mundane.
  • Hammered sterling silver;
  • Dimensions: 20 mm. x 13 mm.
  • One Oak leaf will look great, or it can become part of our plant collection – then you should choose a Herbarium chain or a Herbarium bracelet.
  • The oak leaf can be hung directly on the chain, or with a detachable “carabiner” (pictured on the side) on the Herbarium chain.
  • We can also make golden Oak Leaf.
  • Great package with a meaningful description.

A powerful and meaningful symbol.

If we were to not have the Oak Leaf  pendant in our online store today, it will take up to three weeks to produce. A more detailed description of this pendant can be found below.


45.00 - 450.00

Silver Pendant “Oak Leaf”
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